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'Seven Scorpios' Spiritual Protection Oil

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It is inspired by Ancient Egyptian Goddess Serket (Serqet) and her 7 Scorpions who offered protection to Isis (Aset) as she flees from the wrath of Set, who was hunting her and her son, Heru, down. Seven Scorpions oil is made with the intention to protect, as well as to offer solace in times of distress.


This oil is great for those who:
Needs protection from psychic attacks and negative circumstance
Wants to enhance ones awareness through the senses
Wants a protective shroud in your energetic field
Wants to block the evil eye

Directions of Use:
Wear on your pulse points & rub clockwise
Use as and when needed. Can be used anytime and/or in conjunction with other products

External use only. Do not ingest. Keep away from children.