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Auset Himalayan Healing Salts

Auset Himalayan Healing Salts

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Take time to disconnect and unwind with our Auset Himalayan Healing Salts, an aromatic infusion and multi-layered blend combining a selection of exquisite therapeutic oils with the unique vibrational energy of Himalayan Salts and the calming properties of floral botanicals.

This bath salt blend has been formulated to rejuvenate and moisturise the skin. Enriched with ingredients containing natural relaxing minerals and organic compounds, it softens and soothes irritated skin and calms tired muscles, smoothing the skin from head to toe. 


Himalayan Salt: restore skin's radiance by unclogging pores, softening calluses and cleansing acne-prone skin. These natural minerals reduce the feeling of stress and promote a sense of relaxation.

Jasmine Essential Oil: have antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties that make it effective for boosting immunity and fighting illness.

Jojoba Oil: has high levels of vitamin E and is an antioxidant, hydrates the skin, balances natural oil production, delivers antioxidant protection, has anti-inflammatory effects, may have some antibacterial properties, and can also help reduce acne.


Jasmine, Tangerine Peel, Himalayan salt, Jasmine Essential Oil, Jojoba oil


Suitable for sensitive skin, Suitable for all skin types. 

Add 2-3 tablespoon full to your warm bath water before soaking for 20 minutes or more. One packet contains enough for 3-5 baths. You may also use these salts as a foot soak. 

For an indulgent experience, use half or the entire bag. 

Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates and phthalates.

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