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Maneater - Liquid Pheromone Aura Mist

Maneater - Liquid Pheromone Aura Mist

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Introducing "Maneater" - The Aura Liquid Pheromone for Enchanting Charm, Mesmerising Beauty, and Irresistible Charisma. Inspired by the Creator's coveted Siren's Call rituals, this celestial elixir allows the user the harness the power of charm, attraction, glamour and magick.

Unleash Your Inner Seductress
Experience the transformative power of "Maneater," a mesmerizing elixir that transcends ordinary beauty products. This is not just a fragrance; it's a mystical experience designed to amplify your allure and charisma, using the art of magick.

Enchanting Aura
"Drenched in the aura of enchantment," that's how you'll feel as you embrace the allure of "Maneater." Our liquid pheromone is crafted with precision, infusing every drop with ancient magickal wisdom. It's designed to elevate your presence, leaving everyone you encounter under your spell.

Mesmerising Beauty
Unveil the inner beauty that lies within you. "Maneater" works its magick to enhance your natural radiance, making your charm and beauty truly bewitching. Whether you're stepping into a room or casting a glance, your aura will command attention and admiration.

Irresistible Charisma
Radiate charisma like never before. "Maneater" is more than just a scent; it's an enchantment. As you wear this glamour mist, you'll notice an aura of magnetic charisma surrounding you. People will be drawn to your energy and captivated by your presence.

Key Features

• Magickal Elixir: Infused with ancient secrets for heightened charm.
• Liquid Pheromone: Enhance your natural allure and charisma.
• Glamour Mist: A mystical fragrance that mesmerizes the senses.
• Empower Your Aura: Radiate beauty, charm, and confidence.
• Unisex Appeal: Designed for individuals of all genders seeking to amplify their magnetism.


1. Ground yourself and spray “Maneater” to around your aura (above your head) and/or space.
2. Close your eyes and visualise your magnetic aura growing stronger, or visualise pink and red light surrounding you.
3. Wear confidently and embrace the newfound allure that “Maneater” unlocks within you.


Water, Alcohol (70%), Essential oils blend of Bergamot, Vanilla and Frankincense.
No parabensNo phthalatesCruelty-free

30ML in a clear glass bottle with spray pump. 
Shake well before use.
Store in cool and dry 
environment to preserve freshness of the aura spray.

*DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN. For Room and Space spraying only. 
**If excessive amounts gets on skin, please wash with soap immediately. 

Each bottle is carefully crafted and charged on Fridays (Venus day) only. Under a New or Waxing Moon.

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