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Shapeshifter - Aura Mist Liquid Smoke

Shapeshifter - Aura Mist Liquid Smoke

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How’s your energy? Perhaps you’re feeling low, sluggish, stressed or heavy-hearted. Maybe you’re dealing with a stressful personal situation, or feeling especially tuned into the collective energy at this time. 

Whatever you’re experiencing, you likely recognise the importance of energetic well-being. Even more so if you’re an empath or someone highly sensitive to energy.

You can’t control the outer world. But you can protect your own aura – and that’s where creating your own energy cleansing ritual can be extremely powerful.

Our herbal and crystal-infused aura cleansing spray is a smokeless way to help cleanse or rebalance your own energy, your space, or your preferred spiritual tools such as crystals or Tarot cards. And even if you’re not into the woo-woo, it also makes a lovely room spray

Using a cleansing spray is a more convenient and portable alternative to burning sage or other herbs for energy cleansing, especially if you’re travelling or somewhere where smoke is not allowed. Especially if you have bad allergies, are sensitive to smoke, or have any medical conditions such as migraines or asthma, smokeless energetic clearing methods may be more suitable. 


Spritz throughout each room you’d like to spiritually cleanse. Or, if you enjoy the scent, simply use it as a sage room spray. 

Before spiritual practice - to ground yourself and cleanse your energy before meditation, prayer, or ritual. Whether you read Tarot or use another form of divination, a spiritual cleansing ritual helps set the mood and clear the space before readings. You can use a sage spray as a way to cleanse Tarot cards without smoke.

For energetic protection - Spray liberally and walk through the mist, making sure to close your eyes. As you walk through, visualize the mist purifying and cleansing your energetic field, creating a shield of protection against further attack.

To cleanse crystals - spritz your crystals directly, or spray into the air and wave them through the mist. This is a smokeless way to help clear accumulated energy before programming them.


Water, Alcohol (70%), Essential oils blend of Juniper Berry, Frankincense and Spearmint. No parabensNo phthalatesCruelty-free

30ML in a black opaque glass bottle with spray pump. 
Shake well before use.
Store in cool and dry 
environment to preserve freshness of the aura spray.

*DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN. For Room and Space spraying only. 
**If excessive amounts gets on skin, please wash with soap immediately. 

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